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September 5, 2018

Catching Up

It started neat and organized.

I’m certain I’m not the only one. Surely there are others of you out there who start one project only to be interrupted and begin another, and another, and another, never with enough time to finish the first. How do you manage?

Life just seems to get in the way. I start to learn Quickbooks, in order to input all the tax material for last year, but the hubby wants to go to Walmart to shop. But its not just go in, get the stuff and get out. Oh, no! We have to stroll through the Clearance aisle and look at all the wonderful goodies we DON’T need. But it’s only $1.79! Or it’s only $5.00!

Or look at this wonderful insulated bag that can easily carry six-packs of beer. Wait, I don’t drink beer. But just think what else you could carry in it. All right, I could use it to carry cups and plates and silverware to the Leads Breakfast. And I suppose I could use it on the Spanish Missions trip to carry wine and plastic crystal-like glasses (that I still have to find) and snacks. Okay, it’s only $4.95. And we stroll onward, time ticking away.

Goodie bags, paperwork, must-be-dids.

And then there is Linked-In that I have to learn in order to have a perfect contact page. But, I’m not looking for a job. Only trying to get people to sign up for the tours. But Linked-In is a must have. It MUST be learned and expanded and completed so I can make contact with—people in England??? So I have to check each of a dozen or a hundred people who want to be added to the network to see if they are relevant, and only add those who are. Constant e-mails by strangers clamoring to the added.

And since I must have a background on Linked-in, I go back and fish out my resumes so I can include my many Alma Mothers. There are only six or eight of them. And hubby keeps up with their various football teams so I,too, can sit, gnawing my nails, and watch a football game that I don’t care about only to watch them get beat, when I should be finishing the Linked-in training or the Quickbooks or the taxes.

Then check the e-mails. Respond. Delete. Forward. Laugh at the jokes, the pictures, the funnies. Delete some more or put them off. And check Facebook. And check Pinterest. Nope. No time. And check Twitter. No, don’t even know how to do that. And Alignable wants my attention too. And what is this new one, Message something or another?

PTGAH Tour Director Melissa

And then its time to tell Google to add to my calendar. Newcomers meeting at noon. United Methodist Women tomorrow. PTGAH (I still think that is an unfortunate acronym) meeting all day Wednesday in Houston. And the Opera meeting in far distant Houston, an hour away. And the Birthday party in the Woodlands. And the Genealogy meeting that I’ll have to miss since I will be in Houston. And the Small Business Administration meeting ALL DAY Friday and Saturday. And prepare for teaching the Sunday School class. Why did I ever agree to do that? I’m no Biblical scholar!

Setting up tours

Time to pack and go. I have to head to South Texas to set up the Logistics for the tour. So many people to meet and greet. So many contacts. It’s too bad I don’t have one of those self-driving cars so I could work during the hours on the road. At least I can listen to Audio books, but the hours are disappearing and I’m just sitting in the car with my knee beginning to cramp.

Business cards piling up

And back home, I have to stop and input all the new business cards. Yes, yes, I’ll get to them. They can wait. No, they can’t. I have to respond. I have to firm up contacts. The cards pile up on the desk. I can hear the Action Coach saying, “Do it every night,” as I collapse into bed. And time ticks away.

Wait a minute! Don’t I remember back when I was teaching that this happened also? Is it the adrenalin rush of being too busy that is addictive? The flurry, the hurry, the rapid heartbeat, the tension. But waking up at 1 am with worry gnawing at my mind is not so good. Do I get up to finish projects, write letters, set up tours or do I toss and turn just hoping I’ll get back to sleep? Eventually, if the tension is not too high, I might drift off. Otherwise, up and at ‘em.

I watched RBG last night (okay, I admit to a little TV watching). The Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsberg took care of a husband with cancer, helped him finish law school, finished her own law degree, brought up two children, and became a Justice of the Supreme Court. She worked most nights until 2 or 3 am and subsisted on just a few hours of sleep, catching up on the weekends.

So how come I can’t do that and finish my projects? Oh, wait. I have to write a Blog. You understand, right?

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Retired Professor Emeritus from Sam Houston State University, interested in writing novels and speaking about topics such as the history of Latin American. Would like to share the AMAZING world of the 18th century in Northern New Spain, that's Spanish Texas and Mexico!
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