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October 23, 2015

A Humorous Old Age

I’m going to have to learn to laugh more. The ability to laugh at ourselves is a talent we don’t practice nearly enough. Last night, Mom staggered across the floor looking like a Laurel and Hardy cartoon and caught herself on the chair to keep from falling. She burst out laughing, just guffawing and snorting […]

Elderly Mothers, General
October 22, 2015

On Our Elderly Mothers and Longevity

What is it about humans that we have this desperate need to live longer? The Good Lord put something in us that is so strong that we cling to life as though it were the last doughnut in the box at Sunday school. Even cockroaches hang on to their miserable little lives, scurrying for the […]

Elderly Mothers
October 21, 2015

Elderly mothers and choices

Did you know that making a choice is not a simple process? Last night, thinking to be the dutiful daughter, I offered her a choice. Crab cakes for supper or Teriyaki chicken with veggies. All I got was a very confused expression and “I don’t know, you decide.” Usually she is very opinionated, insisting on […]

Elderly Mothers, General
October 19, 2015

Guilt and elderly mothers

On Guilt and Elderly Mothers At 96, it appears that Mom has finally settled here in the trailer on our ranchito, but is it more jail than home? She has given up her car and has no way to get to town unless I take her. If I do take her, it exhausts her. If […]

Elderly Mothers, General