Tejanos, Hispanos, Latinos and Mexican-Americans

A loyal and dedicated Tejana, I was born and raised in Mexico, and with ancestors who came to Texas late in the eighteenth century. José María Castillo, a soldier in the Spanish army stationed in Monterrey, regrettably got drunk and went AWOL from his unit. His punishment was assignment to La Bahía (Goliad). The natives and the conditions didn’t kill him, he married a local girl and the Castillo family remained in Texas until the 1870s. An altercation over land with the Welder family, led to a shooting and the Castillos had to flee to Reynosa, to the small town of Charco Escondido where they established a ranch until the Mexican Revolution.

My scholarly interest, thanks to the late, great Nettie Lee Benson, has always been in the Borderlands of Texas and Northern Mexico. My book on Martín de León and the founding of Victoria, Texas came as a result of Dr. Benson’s encouragement. Since then, because of my passionate interest in the field, I have spoken extensively to Hispanic groups throughout Texas.

I am in the process of finishing two novels on eighteenth century New Spain (see novels below- for whom we are still seeking a publisher). I hope these historical romances, based on the actual history of New Spain, will encourage both my compatriots of Hispanic descent, and those interested in historical romance, to take a look at what life was like in eighteenth century New Spain and Louisiana.